Our Fabric

For each and every one who is passionate about Sun and Sea. Tanning of your skin while wearing your bikini is now a reality.
Our pieces allow you to tan of the skin, while it selectively filters sunlight to achieve a safer tanning.

Learn about tanning

Sunlight consists of different wavelengths. A part of these wavelengths is the UV radiation - UV-A and UV-B sun rays. 
UV-A sun rays 
The UV-A rays are responsible for the tanning of the skin. Our pieces transmits    up to almost 20% of the UV-A rays. 
UV-B sun rays 
The UV-B rays are the old enemy and are responsible for the burning of the skin. Our pieces blocks approx. 90% of the UV-B rays, protecting your skin from danger. However it is essencial for tanning that you are allowed to receive a minimum quantity of UV-B rays. With our pieces just about 10% of those are not blocked so that your skin is allowed to tan, even where it is covered with the bikini.

As the seams and elastic block the sunlight, they are minimised to give you a much more uniform tanning. 

Please, be aware that the needed length of time to get a suntan depends from both the weather conditions and skin type. First and most importantly, the wearer must spend at least a number of hours in one day exposed to bright sunlight early in their holiday period. It will be noticed a slightly pink in colour, which is the beginning of the tanning process. Each day after, providing the exposure time is given, the skin will darken into brown golden suntan. Nudist's bikinis are not a miracle but an outcome of a scientific invention which, if used correctly, will give the wearer the result they expect.

We highly recommend you to use a sunscreen in the areas where the bikini is not covering your skin. It will not only protect you but also give you a much more uniform tanning.

For NUDIST safety comes first 

We allow you to tan and protect from direct sunlight at the same time. Our pieces provide a combination of protection and a beautiful, longer lasting and safer tanning of your skin. We want to give you the best both worlds. Your NUDIST'S piece will function like a suntan oil with a protection factor.   

Unlike creams, oils and lotions which rub off, wash off our bikinis offer you an absolute and constant protection.